To Go or Not to Go on a Garden Tour - The Pros and Cons
02. April 2024
Advice if you're unsure whether to go on a garden tour or not.

The Portuguese Tea Connection
05. March 2024
Did you know that the tea plant is actually a camellia? And that the quintessentially English habit of tea drinking originated in Portugal?

Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Garden Tour
12. February 2024
My advice about crafting the perfect itinerary for your dream garden tour

My Highlights 2023
10. January 2024
While 2023 turned out to be a record year in terms of numbers of trips, numbers of travelers, and numbers of countries I visited, my highlight is not any one garden or any one place.

12. December 2023
A garden with a soul in the hills outside Florence, with a long history of delighting eminent visitors.

The Trip of  a Lifetime - Garden Tour to the Italian Lakes May 2023
06. November 2023
Garden inspiration, great food, great scenery, a sense of fun - a garden tour to the Italian Lakes has it all - here´s why.

Highgrove:  An unexpected dimension
05. May 2023
Being the royal private garden, Highgrove could be expected to be pompous and majestic. Yet the vibe is playful and down to earth - as this woodland detail attests.

Sintra off the Beaten Track
10. March 2023
What do a palace folly and a monastery have in common? In Sintra both are off the beaten track, tucked away in the hills. Find out what else these two sites share.

06. February 2023
You´ve booked your garden trip. Now what? Ten practical tips from packing to jet lag to flights.

Sissinghurst Castle Garden
16. January 2023
Scrolling through the photos of 2022 on my phone, I am in awe of all the places I got to travel this past year. Italy, Portugal, England, France the United States! Gardens, museums, beautiful places, so many special moments with loved ones and like-minded friends. All these photos bring a smile on my face and warm my heart, lift my mood and make me grateful. Here I share three highlights, three luminous moments that stand out, where not only my eyes but all my senses were engaged, creating a...

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