Garden Tours for Garden Lovers

Are you a garden lover?  Do you like to visit gardens with your friends?  Or with your garden club?  Are you dreaming of travelling to Europe to visit gardens but don`t know where to start?  


You´ve come to the right place!  With over 10 years´ experience designing and leading garden trips to Europe, I can help you fulfill your dream and visit those gardens you´re longing to see.


PRIVATE GARDENS AND MORE  You know about the must-sees and maybe you`ve even already been.  But this time you´d like to dig deeper and get in to those private gardens you´ve read about and your friends are raving about. It would be so special and you´d have such wonderful stories to tell.  I unlock those gates for you and make it happen. Boy will you have stories to tell!


BE INSPIRED AND LEARN  Inspiration is the main reason to travel, of course .   But you  also want to learn.  About good design and sense of place.  About plant combinations and  why they work.    You´re looking for new ideas and gardening tips.  At every garden we visit,

you´ ll  meet the owner or the head gardener.  You´ll learn about their vision.  They´ll explain the challenges they face and the solutions they use day to day.  


DON´T WORRY, JUST ENJOY .  You´ve come all this way  so make the most of every minute of your trip.  Focus on the joy of discoveries.  Share your new garden insights with your friends  Look, observe, learn, enjoy!    Soak it all in!   I `ll make sure you see what you want to see and that you gain the insights you´re looking for.


I design a CUSTOM GARDEN TOUR tailored to your travelling style.  Country Inn or boutique hotel?  Gourmet meals or bistro fare?  Or perhaps a subtle mix? Working with local, vetted partners, I arrange it all.  And of course I´m with you every step of the way so you don`t have to think about those boring details.


It´s been 10 years since I started in this field and my travelers keep coming back. Here´s what they say!


And in case you´re wondering which garden adventure is right for you, below are some ideas.  Click on the photo for more information. 


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secret gardens of venice, lagoon, gardentour

Gardens      of Venice

Arundel:  The Collector Earl's Garden

English   Gardens

Chateau de Brecy , the parterre in the courtyard

Gardens       of Normandy

Keukenhof, the river of Muscari

Tulip Gardens of Holland

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What Travelers Say


Jorge Sánchez

SMI Landscape Architects, Palm Beach -FLorida


We spent a marvelous week with Marie touring gardens in Belgium.  Marie laced together an incredibly well balanced trip for us. Besides, she is charming, caring and erudite. Hard to put up with our group, being we are demanding, and she managed us effortlessly.

                                                                  September 2019




Page Dickey

Board Member, The Garden Conservancy


Going on a garden tour with Marie is an absolute joy. Quietly and efficiently, she takes care of all the arrangements—travel, hotel reservations, where to have lunches and dinners, permission from garden owners—and all we have to do is enjoy the days.

                                                                         August 2018

Who is Marie?

Marie-Elisabeth Offierski, Founder ToursbyMarie

I grew up in gardens.  Every weekend my parents gardened, talking about plants by name, rather like people talk about beloved relatives.


I caught the travel bug early and after college in the US, I wanted to become a travel agent.  Economics pushed me into finance where I became an international private banker, holding positions in New York, Switzerland and Germany.


Eventually I quit to raise a family and settled in the country, in Belgium, not far from read more...