Gardens of the Italian Lakes

The lake region of Italy has enchanted poets, composers, writers and gardeners since  Roman times.  The area's unique  climate makes it possible to grow a wide diversity of exotic and rare plants.   Horticulturists and plant collectors alike have  created incredible gardens on the banks of the lakes, some around major historic villas, others around more modest homes.  


We visit Lake Maggiore and Lake Como.  On Lake Maggiore we stay in Stresa or Verbania, and visit Isola Madre and Isola Bella.  On lake Como we stay in Bellagio, centrally located to explore the lake's three arms and their garden treasures. Villa Carlotta, Villa Melzi, Villa del Balbianello are a few of the sites we visit.   


April, May and September are the best periods for this tour.

What travelers say


Magnus v. W.


The whole trip was just perfectly choreographed, starting with that luminous first day riding down and up the lake in our own boat with that very special lunch stop between our visits. These 5 days were a very special way of spending time together, enjoying the beauty of these marvellous gardens and villas interspersed with delicious culinary moments of relaxed conviviality. It all made for a wonderfully memorable time – thank you!  I know that all things seemingly effortless rely on a great deal planning and a keen eye on every detail, and your judgement was just perfect in every which way. 

April 2018

Kim H.

I wanted to thank you for such an extrordinary visit and tour of the northern lake region of Italy !!  I had the most wonderful time and you are truly an amazing tour organizer and guide. You were always in complete control of all of us ( I don't know how you accomplished that ) and of every situation!!  Everything thing that we did was perfectly organized. Each bus, boat , taxi , hotel and restaurant ready and waiting for our group. You made certain that there was no room for error and that each event went according to the plan.  Thank you Marie from the bottom of my heart for such a fabulous trip and one that  I will remember for my entire lifetime.

September 2016