Let me help you plan your dream garden tour

Are you planning or want to plan your own dream garden tour?

That's a great idea!

I’m sure you've read about many gardens recently, seen stunning documentaries on TV, videos on the Internet, and you've decided it’s time for you to go on that dream garden trip for yourself.


But let me guess... Your dreams gardens are far away, you don't speak the language and you’re not sure where to begin.


Here's just some of the things you could do on your dream garden tour...

See amazing and inspiring gardens


Share those A-HA moments with

your travel friends

Get ideas and inspiration

for your own beautiful garden

See some of the famous sites in the area

and get to know the region

But there's so many things to consider... For example:

Which gardens to visit?



There are sooo many gardens it feels overwhelming.
You want to make the most of your time away so you’d like to see only the best and most inspiring places.

How many things should we see?


You’d like your days to be full but not so full that you’re too exhausted to remember where you’ve been.


Other things to see in the region?


You don’t want to go home and hear from those who have been there before "Did you go see this famous place?" only to say no because you didn’t know about it.


Let me help you plan your dream garden trip!

- Book a one hour garden tour planning session with me -

Here's what we'll do together during the planning session:

  • Figure out which gardens to visit, in what order, and how to get there
  • Fit all the pieces of your dream trip together
  • Get accommodation options for the perfect hotels to suit your needs
  • Get tips and pointers for all the practical details
  • Get your tangible roadmap so you can finally finish planning and go on your dream garden tour

A one hour consultation session with me costs 120.00 USD

But maybe a bit about me first.
Hi, I'm Marie and since 2010 I create tailor made itineraries for your special garden tours in Europe. I specialize in intimate groups, such as garden clubs and small groups of friends. 


I grew up in gardens. Every weekend my parents gardened, talking about plants by name, rather like people talk about beloved relatives.

I've lived and worked in the USA, Switzerland, Germany and I
settled in the countryside in Belgium.

We grew a garden. We planted trees, hedges, perennials and vegetables.

Our children grew. So did the trees.



Holland, England, Italy and France are some of my destinations. Check out my Tours here.

Here's what Meredith from Florida has to say

"The initial call helped us determine which country to focus on for what we were looking for.


Marie was punctual, all suggestions were great, and she made herself available for all questions. The email check-ins were an extra personal touch that was unexpected and appreciated!


Marie is very knowledgeable in her field, easy to work with, accommodating, and has good taste."

- Meredith Burns, Coral Gables, FL  June 2024

How a garden tour planning session works


Complete a questionnaire

Tell me as much as you can about your dream trip plans in the questionnaire below.


Book a consultation call

I'll send you an email within 24h. You can then choose a time and date, and pay for the consultation call to lock it in.


The day of the call

We talk about your trip and sort through your options, the details and plan it out.


You have your roadmap

You have your roadmap so you can finally finish planning and go on your dream garden tour.

Get started by completing the questionnaire below

It's not very long, but for the best experience I suggest using a tablet or computer rather than a phone

Thanks for filling out the questionnaire.
I'll get back to you within 24h so you can book a call and plan your dream garden tour.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me