Since 2010 I have been designing, organizing and leading custom garden trips for small groups of passionate gardeners.


A professional tour guide, my passion is to get it right and to make your trip unforgettable.


You decide where you want to go, invite your friends to come along and I put together an itinerary to suit your tastes and travelling style.  I accompany you on the trip, taking care of the organizational details and making sure all you have to do is enjoy.  


You receive a personalized trip book, including day to day itineraries and background information on the gardens and sights we visit.  A valuable reference,  also after the tour.


Based in Belgium; I have led custom tours to Belgian gardens, but also to Holland, France, England and Italy.  Discovering new gardens is my passion so I would be delighted to explore other destinations for and with you.  Just ask!



Marie-Elisabeth Offierski